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Fall Colors Day Road Trip

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)

Route 15 was our objective now and we got on that near Mansfield. It was very dark by then and the trip north was very dark. There seems to be no lighting that whole way up to the interstate.

Crossing the state line

Somewhere in the darkness, we were welcomed to New York.  An occasional lighted exit, but other than that, darkness.

We picked up Interstate 86 just outside of Corning, New York and headed west. Nothing much to report on this leg of the trip until we stopped for gas at Olean.

After driving a few miles from the exit, we finally came into the edge of town and the gas station. Several roundabouts made the trip on that street rather uncomfortable for me.

They are new to me and driving in the dark with them is not something I liked. Once back on the interstate it was just driving on.

It was getting to be about 10:00 and we decided to stop at the next rest area we came across. Lo and behold, a rest area ahead sign soon appeared.

We were just getting into Seneca Indian territory in Cattaraugus County. We just expected a normal rest area with parking, restrooms and vending machines.

As we pulled in, the wow factor hit us. This was a fancy-looking rest area, large, well lit and lots of parking in a strange layout.

After doing what we stopped there for, I looked around inside this beautiful building. There was a staff member there, even at that hour, and I told him I was impressed with the place.

He proceeded to tell me about the design being modeled after a Seneca longhouse and the different rooms representing different parts of it.

There was a metal dream catcher hanging in the center and special tile patterns on the floor. You can read more about it here.


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