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Fall Colors Day Road Trip

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)
Bronze CCC statue
CCC cabin

They relocated an old CCC cabin here and renovated it for display. There was another one of those bronze CCC statues here as well.

Lumber camp

You can see how the men lived and worked and how the trees were made into valuable lumber. Unfortunately, very few large trees like that still exist today.

This would be a place that I would recommend for a scheduled visit for sure.

Getting close to the canyon

On through Galeton and we are almost to the Canyon.

We are running late and decide to forego Colton Point State Park and just go to Leonard Harrison State Park instead.

Immediately after crossing Pine Creek on Route 6 you need to make the turn for the park. I missed it and had to turn around.

It is about 15 miles, I think, from the turn until you get to the park. It is easy to follow the signs along the way through the countryside. Lots of billboards along the way also.

Finally arrived and headed for the canyon. Restrooms first, it has been a long ride.

There is a gift shop at the entrance, got some postcards and continued. There is a walkway along the edge of the ridge with steps taking you to lower observation points.

Sunny day finally showing the beautiful fall colors.

The clouds were finally breaking and the sun was shining bright. Now that the day was almost over, it was becoming a nice day.

View of Pine Creek Gorge loaded with colorful fall colors.

The views up and down the canyon are breathtaking. Zoom photography is so nice!

PA Grand Canyon dressed in fall colors
Pine Creek

The trees were still very colorful even though we were probably a week or so past prime time. After taking several pictures of the gorge and creek below, we headed out.

CCC statue

There was another one of those bronze CCC statues here. This makes the third one we saw today.

It was time to think about heading home. The fastest way home from here is heading north and getting on Interstate 86 in New York state and heading back west.

We went on through Wellsboro and found that the main street through town had such a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. We wished we could stay and enjoy it, but time was not on our side now.


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