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Fall Colors Day Road Trip

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)

On to Coudersport, and oops, I missed a turn in Coudersport. Accidentally got onto Route 49 headed the wrong way. Oops, that happens sometimes.

Just a short way and I realized my error. But not before discovering an interesting local feature.

We came across an older gentleman who stopped along the road. He was filling a bunch of empty milk jugs with spring water from a spigot that was coming from a large mountain spring.

Mountain spring

We stopped and talked while he finished filling all his jugs. He told us he lived a few miles away and always comes there for their water because his well has not-so-good water.

He told us that he has been drinking that water since he was a kid. After he left, we filled up a couple of empty pop cans from lunch with the cold water from the spring.

There was also a drinking fountain set up so we got a drink and headed back to where we were supposed to be. Casual trips can lead to pleasant conversation.

Back on the road again

Part of what I like about driving Route 6 is the history. Years ago when people traveled, rest areas were just that, a place to pull off the road and take a break and stretch your legs or maybe eat a packed lunch.

Most areas have either done away with these or made them into major stops complete with modern toilets and vending machines.

Not so along this journey. There are still old fashioned rest areas to be found. Not much good if you really have to go, but still nice.

One of these rest areas was just ahead and I decided to stop.

Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

As I was pulling in, there was the entrance to the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum. Cool, let’s check this out!

Unfortunately, it was about an hour before closing time so all of their live demonstrations were done. But, since it was so late, we were able to get in at a very discounted price.

We still had plenty of time to walk the grounds and see all of the exhibits. You can almost feel yourself being taken back in time to when the woods were still huge and the trees were being cut down and logging was king.

Every aspect of the logging business back at the turn of the century, 1900, is on display here.


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