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Fall Colors Day Road Trip

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)
Black Bear cub up in tree
Center of picture

Up in a tree just off the side of the road, maybe 20 feet high or so, was a Black Bear cub, (center of picture).

He or she didn’t care about the crowd gathering below. It was just intent on eating the fruit that was on the branches. I found out later that they were Persimmons.

My wife has never seen a wild bear before and I have never seen a cub before. This was quite a moment for us.

Cub standing on small branches
Black Bear Squirrel???

This cub was standing on such small branches that it seemed like only squirrels would go on.

Bear cub close-up
Look at that face

I was able to get several good pictures by zooming in.

This is why we weren’t on a schedule.

Cub standing on skinny branches
Not a care in the world

After watching for almost a half-hour, we decided to leave the cub behind and continue on our way.

My wife wanted to take it home with us, but I was able to convince her otherwise.


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