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Fall Colors Day Road Trip

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)

Welcome to Warren County

As we are getting near Warren, we see something new. The Warren County Visitor’s Center wasn’t there the last time we were through. It has been a few years. We had to stop in and see what was there.

It was just past 9:00 and they were just opening up for the day. This is a great part of taking a leisurely road trip. Unplanned stops along the way.

Baby arch commemorating that the parts were made in Warren
Mni arch

A miniature version of the archway in St. Louis, Missouri greeted us as we pulled in. We had to check it out, rain or not.

Come to find out, the pieces used in the construction of the arch were actually cut out in Warren, Pennsylvania and then trucked west to St. Louis for assembly.

There was also a life-size bronze statue of a man. This was to commemorate the CCC, Civilian Conservation Corps, started by Franklin D. Roosevelt back in 1933.

There are 7 of these statues around the state. We actually got to see 3 of them on our trip. More on this later.

We had a nice visit with the staff, a chat about plants because of my nursery, a visit to the restrooms, and we were on our way again.

Allegheny National Forest and Kinzua

Driving past the Kinzua Dam, which is just about 8 miles off Route 6, we just had to stop and take in the views. If you have never visited or seen a dam in person, this is a good one to start with. There are bigger ones, but this one is impressive.

Kinzua Dam surrounded with beautiful fall colors

The dam used to be open for public tours years ago, but that changed for security reasons after the 9-11 attacks. We have taken the tour in the past.

The water level in the reservoir was several feet lower for some reason. It was quite visible while looking around.

Next stop is Jakes Rocks.

High above the dam and reservoir on top of the mountain is the picnic and overlook area known as Jakes Rocks. We have had many picnics here over the years.

It is the starting point for an interesting and easy hike through some really large boulders plus some awesome views of the reservoir down below. Nowadays it has also become a starting point for trail riding, on mountain bikes or horses.

No hiking today for us, but we did have an interesting chat with a couple from Ohio that were also hitting up the sites. They had just finished the hike with their dog and were getting into their 1969 VW camper van.

Now I am no car fanatic, but I always appreciate seeing older vehicles still in their original condition. A piece of rolling history.

They were stopped from leaving because something followed them back from their hike.

Blurry view of a Ruffed Grouse

Strutting across the parking lot was a Ruffed Grouse. It is blurry because he wouldn’t stand still.

This is our Pennsylvania State Bird. I have never seen one just walking about before. They usually wait until you are just about next to them in the woods and they fly off suddenly and loudly.

Just about makes you jump out of your skin and makes your heart skip a beat. Yet here is this one walking about the vehicles.

We were both finally able to back out and drive away. Our next planned stop is Kinzua Bridge State Park for a walk on the observation deck.

Backtrack or scenic way

We back-tracked our way to Route 6 rather than taking the road near Jakes Rocks that would have eventually lead us to where we wanted. I didn’t know that route and decided to go the way I knew. The scenery may have been better, but not today.

Traveling on down Route 6 took us through several little communities and towns. These places are loaded with beautiful old homes.

Some of them are quite large and stately from a by-gone era. Places like Stoneham, Clarendon, Weldbank, and Saybrook are some of the names you see on the way to Sheffield.

As we continue down the road, we eventually come to Kane. This is a bit bigger town. More like a small city compared to the others.

This is also about where the Allegheny National Forest ends. We have been driving through it since we were at Kinzua Dam.

The whole trip has had us looking at the mountains, trees, colorful leaves, and also watching for wildlife.

A little more than an inch on the road map and we will reach our destination at Mount Jewett, the Kinzua Bridge overlook.


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