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Fall Colors Day Road Trip

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2022)

Fall Colors Day Road Trip

Last weekend my wife and I decided to take a day road trip to see some of the colorful fall colors. A pleasant journey along the old historic Route 6 corridor in northern Pennsylvania.

We live just a stone’s throw, well a herculean one, from Route 6N. This is a northern extension that connects Route 6 to the Ridge Road, Route 20, near Lake Erie.

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This connects West Springfield, Albion, and Edinboro to the rest of the small towns found along Route 6.

Early to rise…

An early start a little after 7:30 on a cloudy and drizzly morning has us blindly trusting the weather forecast for clearing skies as we head east.

We are in no hurry. Our goal is to reach the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania by early evening. This is officially the Pine Creek Gorge.

We have taken a few family trips there in the past with our kids, but this trip is just us.

Coulton Point and Leonard Harrison State Parks both offer great views of the canyon. We have been to Coulton Point State Park before and we are hoping to visit both parks today if time allows.

East of Edinboro starts the mountains. Hills for many people, but mountains for us. Even with the early time and the rainy weather, the colors of the leaves are still amazing!

The first planned stop on our journey is Jakes Rocks high above the Allegheny Reservoir and Kinzua Dam on the other side of Warren. We haven’t been there for several years.

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